Friday, October 30, 2015

Season winding down

 The season is winding down. More has been accomplished than I anticipated for this year. Thanks largely in part to the many kind and hard working individuals that enlisted onto the project.Yet there is still so much left to do! The dividing wall downstairs has been removed and stud walls have begun to be dissembled. A few floor joists were placed in the kitchen. With these in place an accurate measurement may be ascertained so as to lay out the new staircase this winter. The floor and walls have been removed from a bit of the upstairs and the space really changes. The chimney was removed prior to the downstairs wall removal. With the completion of the back wall, most of the hole has been filled in behind the house. Much of the earth that had been removed had been thrown behind the kitchen addition. Thus largely contributing to the floor joist decay. Did I mention that the stone wall on the back of the house has been completed? Yeah no big deal. Just another day Rolling with Sisyphus.