Sunday, February 18, 2018

 A million miles have been traveled during this winter, yet it seems as though they have all been taken standing still. Walls are getting a coat of plaster, trim is being roughed in, plumbing has been fitted and approved, and floors are being installed. Here are a few snapshots from a week ago of our endeavors thus far. Hopefully it will look ever more completed tomorrow as the miles continue to add up.
Kitchen with stripping up for tin ceiling.

Butternut panels in main room downstairs

Original basswood and soft maple flooring being reinstalled in upstairs bedroom

Small bedroom with bookcase atop stone wall

Kneewall closet

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Late summer photos

 A lot has been done this summer. The brick work is now all up (pictures later). The ridgecap is bein made and installed. The stonework has been sandblasted, cleaned out, and tucked pointed. I am working on the drainage system in the basement, what a mucky mess! Pouring the floor is next. Still a lot of good working weather ahead.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Start of 2017

 The once barren walls have electrical wires run, plumbing pipes roughed in, insulation sprayed on, and in a few places plasterboard hung. I used 1860's doors and made the casings to fit. Joe the plumber helped me get the boiler installed before freeze up. The house is staying at a balmy fifty degrees with only the heat cables laid in sand downstairs. We have yet to run the baseboard throughout the house. In the evenings the window casings are being made. Note the photo of the downstairs window with one panel set in place. The original walls and casings had plaster directly applied to the stone as the finished surface.
The upstairs bedrooms have the collar ties exposed and with the tie in of of the 'new' addition tough angles which to cut around. A few more sheets of plasterboard yet to hang.
The basement is a mess as we have had to dig up the floor to install the new sewer stack. We will lay a new floor, in good time. More work awaits.

Upstairs hallway leading to two bedrooms
Upstairs bathroom looking to bedrooms

North bedroom

South bedroom

Basement (5ft headroom)

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Walking around

 Things are framing up. I no longer have to rely upon upon a ladder to ascend to the second floor. Jim spent two weeks building the double winder staircase. The subfloor has been installed in the original house section and the addition. Blue spruce is a fine light contrast to the aged patina of the ash timbers. All the windows are installed. I am now turning my attentions to furring out the walls and ceiling for the electrician, plumber, and most of all the insulator. Electricity has been connected to the house, although a good handsaw and plane go quite a distance. With any luck and a lot of continued persistence the house will be closed up by snowfall. Sam

Thursday, July 21, 2016


 A few photos of what we have been up to in the last few months. We got the antique windows which Bill brought from Connecticut last year finally roughed in. With a little work on the casings they fit in very nicely. We did install old wavy glass and the house seems to have a new life to it. I did get about five feet of brick work up on the back so the electrician could mount the meter. While I was waiting for the electric company to run the underground cable I got the downstairs framed out. As can be seen on the front of the house we worked on the right window to square it up. Amazing how much work a simple bottle jack can do. I am working in the cool of air conditioning on other parts of the staircase. Sanding treads and such. Once we get electricity we will turn our attentions to running the spruce sub floor through the saw.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sweet Gutted Spring

Looking toward the front of the house
 Spring has arrived. It is wonderful to work here again. A bit overwhelming with the mess. When I look back to where this house was last year, whatever doubts arise are quickly vanquished. The three layers of flooring in the main section were removed last fall. We plan to reuse the original ash floor in the kitchen. I finally got the inside stone wall up to height and thus was able to gut the kitchen section. I reused the green treated 2x10s from the terrible 90s plywood addition. The staircase is roughed out. It is next on my list. The goal is to get the electricity hooked up and run, heating system in, insulation sprayed, and house buttoned up so I will be able to work in it this winter. A tall order to fill. The rock is being pushed ever nearer the peak.
Looking toward the kitchen

From kitchen toward front of house


Laying out staircase

Friday, October 30, 2015

Season winding down

 The season is winding down. More has been accomplished than I anticipated for this year. Thanks largely in part to the many kind and hard working individuals that enlisted onto the project.Yet there is still so much left to do! The dividing wall downstairs has been removed and stud walls have begun to be dissembled. A few floor joists were placed in the kitchen. With these in place an accurate measurement may be ascertained so as to lay out the new staircase this winter. The floor and walls have been removed from a bit of the upstairs and the space really changes. The chimney was removed prior to the downstairs wall removal. With the completion of the back wall, most of the hole has been filled in behind the house. Much of the earth that had been removed had been thrown behind the kitchen addition. Thus largely contributing to the floor joist decay. Did I mention that the stone wall on the back of the house has been completed? Yeah no big deal. Just another day Rolling with Sisyphus.