Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Start of 2017

 The once barren walls have electrical wires run, plumbing pipes roughed in, insulation sprayed on, and in a few places plasterboard hung. I used 1860's doors and made the casings to fit. Joe the plumber helped me get the boiler installed before freeze up. The house is staying at a balmy fifty degrees with only the heat cables laid in sand downstairs. We have yet to run the baseboard throughout the house. In the evenings the window casings are being made. Note the photo of the downstairs window with one panel set in place. The original walls and casings had plaster directly applied to the stone as the finished surface.
The upstairs bedrooms have the collar ties exposed and with the tie in of of the 'new' addition tough angles which to cut around. A few more sheets of plasterboard yet to hang.
The basement is a mess as we have had to dig up the floor to install the new sewer stack. We will lay a new floor, in good time. More work awaits.

Upstairs hallway leading to two bedrooms
Upstairs bathroom looking to bedrooms

North bedroom

South bedroom

Basement (5ft headroom)