Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Good News Bad News

 Thus far, the North wall is approximately half up. A bit of bad news a couple weeks back. I would like to find the crew that constructed the plywood addition in the southeast corner. For when they did so they kindly undercut the SE stone wall. The corner did have some damage as well so it was an "easy" decision to do a complete tear down. The footing has been dug, poured, and the foundation is up to grade (not pictured). It is for the best but will add a few weeks to the project. But whats a few weeks in the grand scheme of life? The porch has started to disappear. The roof at least. When it is completely removed, the view from the street will be something to behold.

Two sides now have a new sill
Some of the early windows still remain underneath the layers of time.

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  1. Looks good though, from where you started!